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Motorcycle Action group (MAG).

This is the group that I am a member of and think all bikers should be a member of. You wouldn't believe what legislation is trying to be passed through the European law offices. Type approval has raised its ugly head again, imagine being told what tyres you have to put on your bike. Anti tampering is also getting talked about again and for you speed merchants there's talk of limiting the bikes horse power (bhp) to 100. If you don't fancy joining MAG then join the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) but join one of them and help keep biking alive.

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First Bike On Scene.

This is a first aid course specifically aim at bikers. The next time your out with your mates ask yourself a question. If one of them had an accident would you be able to help them? As well as first aid, you are trained to remove a helmet safely and accident management plus other techniques which would enable you to support the emergency services when they arrive. The course I went on was in Preston and was run by the North West Ambulance service and it cost about 60, worth every penny. I hope I will never have to use it. I know there are other groups that do the training but I preferred to go to the people who are dealing with accidents all the time. As the advert says JUST DO IT.

First bike on scene:   First Bike On Scene

Bike Safe

Well believe it or not but I have been to six lectures and I have learned something new at every one of them. There are too many bikers killing themselves out there and it doesn't involve another vehicle, so we need to get our house in order before they legislate biking off the road.

Bikesafe: Bikesafe UK